Whatever your child’s journey

Go Together

This interactive mural is a reminder to parents to stay involved in their child’s everyday life to keep them safe from the harms of alcohol and to help promote their mental health.

  • Research shows Utah’s LGBTQ+ youth are at a higher risk for underage drinking than their peers.
  • When a child feels connected to their parents, they’re less likely to drink underage.
  • To promote an ongoing conversation between parents and their kids about keeping kids healthy and safe, Parents Empowered teamed up with Encircle and REACH4Hope Coalition to create an interactive, public education campaign for all St. George families.

Staying active in your child’s life provides many opportunities to strengthen your bond with you child, including:

  • Giving kids the chance to openly speak about their feelings and mental well-being.
  • Creating opportunities for parents to communicate their strong disapproval of underage drinking to protect their child’s developing brain.
  • Allowing parents to set clear family rules not to drink underage.
  • Check in with your child today and remember to Go Together.